The Advantages of Automation Agnosticism

As a rule, agnosticism is a word much more commonly thought of as theological rather than technological. After all, a term that is often synonymized with doubt, skepticism, or uncertainty doesn’t seem like something you’d connect with a field where rigorous testing and absolute measurement needs to be the norm. 

However, when it comes to the world of warehouse automation software, automation agnosticism is a key advantage, and a feature you should very much be looking for. This is why it is a key component of Invar Warehousing Software.


What is automation agnosticism? 

Automation agnosticism refers to when a piece of warehousing software can be conditioned and calibrated to work with any kind of automation hardware you could want. 

Any kind of automation hardware at all. Any type of automation. Any manufacturer.  Any solution. Anything at all. 

The idea behind automation agnosticism is to not hold any specific application of automation or type of technology in higher regard. 

Why is it called “agnosticism”? 

Because an automation agnostic warehousing software is not tied to ‘worshiping’ one particular type of hardware. 

The idea of their being a “best” or “ideal” single type of warehouse automation technology, or warehouse automation manufacturer, is to misapply a religious type of thinking in a thoroughly profane context. Thus, the Invar Group likes to use a word from the religious world to describe how we correct this in our work and our software. 

Why is this an advantage? 

Because automation agnostic software understands the need to be flexible, and to adapt to a specific set of situations and circumstances. 

No two warehouses will ever be exactly the same. No two businesses will ever want the same results out of automation. No two markets will have the same needs when it comes to accelerating or meeting customer/client needs and expectations. Every situation will have its own specific nuances and details to consider. 

Not only that, but situations change. At later and different times, your warehouse may need to employ new/different technology. This will require software that can adapt and adjust as needs be. 

Because of this, your warehousing software cannot and should not be ‘worshiping’ any single approach to the process of intralogistics. A strong WMS is one which knows how to get the best out of any warehousing automation hardware it finds itself in control of. 

This makes your business more able to have the widest possible choice of options. Why limit yourself with a software package that only works with a narrow slice of the market. You accept customers from anywhere and everywhere you can. Your warehousing software should be the same with hardware. 

Automation agnosticism is a distinct advantage that you should be making the most of. This is what is made possible with IWS. 

Read more about what this means, and so much more, in our IWS brochure. 

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Michael Trimmer

Michael Trimmer

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